Subpages Extended plugin for WordPress, enables you to list sub pages of a post easily using both shortcode and widget functionality.


This widget displays subpages of a page easily. Though it’s main power is the [subpages] shortcode. Using this shortcode on a page you can create subpage indexes. You can view live demo on my wordpress page. It automatically generates subpage indexes. You can also list subpages of another page using the childof attribute of shortcode. See the examples below:

Here are subpages of my wordpress page with a depth level of 1:

[subpages depth="1" childof="286"]

[subpages depth=”1” childof=”286”]</div>

If the page doesn’t have any subpages it will display the following error for you to fix it:

[subpages depth="1" childof="257"]]

[subpages depth=”1” childof=”257”]</div>


You can add the widget to your sidebar on Wordpress widgets page. There are 3 options:

  • Title: Title of the widget
  • Exclude: Indexes of pages to be excluded. (Advanced use)
  • Depth: Depth of index.


The second, and more functional usage of plugin is the [subpages] shortcode. With no options given it will display subpages with no title, no exclusion and with a depth of 3. You can also use following examples to change the output:

  • [subpages depth="2"] - show the list with a depth of 2.
  • [subpages exclude="2,4,12"] - exclude subpages with indexes 2,4 and 12.
  • [subpages exclude="4" depth="0"] - exclude post id 4 and show all subpages.
  • [subpages depth="1" childof="257"] - show subpages of page with the Id of 257
  • [subpages depth="1" childof="257" exceptme="true"] - add current page to the exclusions. This way you can show links to other subpages of parent easily. See the bottom of this post for a demonstration.

See more shortcode examples on demo page →

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